for more than 45 years

For more than 45 years, Centro Telejnform Italia has been providing SOLUTIONS and offering CONSULTING services to the companies for CREDIT PROTECTION. During this time, it has developed its competencies in providing companies with total protection. Its services are characterized by a serious approach to the business and commitment to it.
These two characteristics have allowed our company to become one of the main players of the sector both at the national and international levels. The constant efforts to improve and develop the know-how have allowed us to increase the number of our services and look for excellence also in other sectors that are complementary to the credit protection.
Telejnform is the first official distributor of InfoCamere - the consortium of the Italian Chambers of Commerce. We annually invest in the technology around 10% of our own sales volume. The experience gained has allowed us to become the experts who offer consulting services and suggest solutions to our clients on a daily basis.

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